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Keeping Homework from Being a Full Time Job

Many elementary students spend six hours or more of each day away from home. Although they break for lunch and sometimes have a recess period, much of the time they are gone is classroom or study time. For many, the last thing they want to do when they arrive home is more school work.

As unappealing as it may be, homework is a necessity of life for children. Students must practice subjects such as arithmetic in order to improve. Increasingly, teachers require more work outside the classroom to meet educational standards.


The challenge for parents when it comes to homework is to make the process as painless as possible. Here are a few tips for more peaceful evenings:

Establish Ground Rules

Procrastination often makes a dreaded task more difficult. A non-negotiable rule that work comes before play is better for productive study than a full time math homework helper.

Parents can encourage their children to begin their homework as soon as they get home from school. If they know that fun activities happen only after homework is complete, they will be less likely to dawdle.

Create the Right Atmosphere

It is critical to eliminate distractions for students. Parents set the stage for learning by ensuring a quiet place and time for their children to study. Turning off the television and other media when they arrive home from school is a great start.

However, each child learns in a different way. Becoming a student of the student and what helps him learn best is the task of the dedicated parent. Some children may concentrate better with white noise or soft music.

Be Involved in the Process

While one child may enjoy solitude, another may find isolation a distraction. For that child, knowing he can count on a parent as a math homework helper will motivate him. The creative parent thinks of fun ways to review information and make homework into a game. Undivided attention is free math homework help.

Avoid Negativity

A diligent math homework helper will be careful to use positive words and reinforcement. Nagging a child to finish his homework or being critical when he makes a mistake is likely to backfire.

Whether a child is in 2nd grade or needs 6th grade math homework help, his cooperation depends on a smile and a kind word. Children also develop negative attitudes toward their work when they hear a parent complain about it. Using positive terms when discussing subject matter is essential.

Work With the Child’s Teacher

Some parents feel forced to hire a tutor for a struggling child. However, the child’s teacher is likely to offer free math homework help. A wise parent will discover the teacher’s intentions and what she wants to see the child accomplish. If a problem persists, she may be able to offer suggestions.

Use Available Resources

As a child advances in age, his school work becomes more difficult. If a parent doesn’t feel qualified to give 6th grade math homework help, there are multiple resources available.

There are many free math homework helps online. A simple search will uncover these options. Even if a parent is comfortable with arithmetic, students can practice repetitive drills such as multiplication facts on the computer.

Homework helps smooth a child’s transition from school to home. It doesn’t need to be a major disruption to the evening. Using these tips, a parent teaches his child necessary life skills. Whether his child needs 1st, 5th or 6th grade math homework help, he can be the coach that spurs the student on to academic excellence.