how to write medical school essay

Custom Essays: Topics That Build Credibility

When writing your medical school application essay, make sure that it is unique and reflective of your personality. What is the best way to do this than by relating your experiences from your distinctive point of view! However, it is very important for you to know and choose topics that the admissions panel will be looking for.

Volunteer work experience

Having a volunteer work experience shows that you have the heart for the job. This experience also gives you the opportunity to boost your personal strengths and enables you to gain insights that you otherwise would not have. Capitalize on this by clearly stating your goals for volunteering, as well as what transpired that made you feel more inspired. Also discuss what strengthened your desire to enter into the medical profession, or how it has allowed you to be more sensitive to the needs of others.

Involvement in various organizations

There is no better way to develop interpersonal skills than by being a part of various organizations. Aside from this, your choice of organizations also reflect what you are passionate about. Share through your writing what these organizations do and choose one aspect that you were most involved in and focus on this. Elaborate on your learning along the way as you contributed to the attainment of the organization’s goals. Reflect your enthusiasm through a story about what transpired that strengthened you or that changed your life, if any. State how this experience affirmed your desire and gave you the skills to be in the medical profession.

Other tips to effectively build your credibility through your essay

Aside from the topics above, cross-cultural and research experience can also be of interest. Highlight conversations or events with someone who helped you gain insight and pushed you into the direction of the medical profession. Just be honest as you write about your experiences that showcase important traits that the evaluators are looking for, such as commitment, leadership, integrity, and organizational and communication skills. Relate all these with your goals and explain how these make you a strong candidate for medical school. Include only relevant information and be accurate with your facts. Make sure that you are able to balance in your essay both your personal and professional self.

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