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Admission Essay Topics: Cross-Cultural Experiences

Almost everywhere, diversity is one of the most important factors that are being considered in group compositions. Through this, each person can offer different insights and contributions. As such, it is important to have cross-cultural experience and sensitivity.

Benefits of having cross-cultural experience

Having an international experience is an advantage that you can capitalize on. Being able to relate with different kinds of people is a valuable tool that you can definitely use in the medical profession. Exposure on this aspect enables you to have a feel of a world outside your own and, if you were able to do well in it, shows that you have strong interpersonal skills, which is important in creating a good work environment as well as relationship with patients.

How to effectively discuss your cross-cultural experience in your essay

Your cross-cultural experience does not have to be written in a very formal tone. Be specific on how this experience made an impact on you and how it has influenced you. Relay to the readers how your experience supports your goals and what you can bring to the medical profession because of it. Remember to include how specific persons were able to help you be the person you are now and if you were all the better for it.

Tips for a more effective essay

For your admission essay to be effective, it has to be organized and should include information that will most likely not be found in the work of other applicants. Even if some decide to write about the same topic or the same experience, your essay can still stand out. You may use sample essays to give you an idea of different writing styles or techniques. Afterwhich, you can try out a style that you’re comfortable with. Just make sure that the topic you choose is something that you feel really passionate about and that you reflect this enthusiasm in your writing style. You should also be more introspective, because it is your internal dialogue or reflections that would make your personal statement come alive with an unmatched uniqueness. Content aside, also make sure that it is free from grammatical or typographical errors. Sometimes, it’s the details that count.

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