Critique of Inquarta Blog

Critique of Inquarta Blog

Inquarta is a site dedicated to providing readers with graduate school admissions advice. In order to avail the full services Inquarta provides, clients need to sign up. The site advertises Inquartas’s other products such as books on med school admissions and premed admissions planner. The site also provides updates regarding med school tuition increase and other related topics posted on the blog.

Unique things about this site

Inquarta is a professional-looking site, but it does not sacrifice creativity. Although the site is simple, there are images that render creativity. The homepage, for instance, has a very cool image. This alone can hold the attention of the readers and even first-time visitors. The posts are also very interesting. Many entries start with attention-grabbing cues. Another thing I like about the entries is that they’re very informative. The entries that give advice are very concise–they’re brief but they’re able to explain important ideas very well.

I find the “Recent” and “Most Commented” categories very useful. The links to various sites are also very useful. The interface is good because the site encourages navigation. The layout is really excellent. I find it easy to search for the information I need. Without saying it outright, the site gives me a reason to explore further.

Not-so-impressive things about the site

Some entries are so short that they leave me hanging and wanting for more info. Although brevity is a good point, some posts are really very short that they fail to satisfy my curiosity about the topic. I am also bothered by the double posting of an entry. The August 20 entry about the Swiss Government selling UBS stake was posted twice. Well, there’s a slight difference between the URLs of the two posts. I guess it was done on purpose, but I don’t see why there’s a need to post the same entry twice.

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