Critique of Med Obsession Blog

Critique of Med Obsession Blog

Med Obsession is a blog written by a medical student in order to share her experiences in med school and in hospital work. A good example of this post is Postpartum Hemorrhage. In this blog, she shares not only her experiences in the field of medicine, but also her experiences as a student of life. She also talks about her family and friends. There is also a useful section for advice.

Things to like about Med Obsession

One of the things I like about Med Obsession is the theme, which is quite attractive. I also like the layout of the blog. The site is easy to explore because of this design feature. The categories are strategically placed in the upper left part of the layout, where they are easily seen. Another thing that makes this site excellent is its neatness. The sections in the home page are located in places that make the home page look well-organized. The neatness of the blog and the color of the theme are very refreshing to the eyes. Although the blog has wide empty spaces, it does not look bare. The wide expanse even encourages visitors to explore the site further. The entries are good and the style is consistent that I am really convinced that the posts are only written by a single person. The topics didn’t fail to arouse my interest as well.

Things that are not really very impressive about Med Obsession

Overall, I don’t find any serious problem with the blog. I only think that one of the minor issues is that the blog lacks pictures and other images. Since the approach of the blogger is personal, it would be better if she also provides photos related to her experiences. Occasional posting of video clips could also add to the appeal of the site.

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