Why a Gimmicky Medical School Statement Is Not Effective

Why a Gimmicky Medical School Statement Is Not Effective

A gimmicky statement is designed to attract attention or increase appeal. What are some examples of gimmicky personal statements and why is it usually not considered effective in making your medical school statement?

Examples of gimmicky personal statements

Some examples of gimmicky personal statements include using definitions or quotations from someone else to begin your essay. Using techniques like writing poems may also be considered as such. Generally, writing about something that is considered odd or writing in a very unusual way can be seen as gimmicky.

Why gimmicky personal statements don’t work

You may be asking yourself why the examples mentioned above are not effective, considering that they can show that you are trying to be creative. The fact is that oftentimes it may be too much that it steers your essay away from the point that you are trying to make, and it may even alienate your readers. Writing quotations and definitions also seem cliche, especially if these are often used and do not help much in emphasizing who you are and the contents of your essay.

What to do to avoid submitting a gimmicky personal statement

In order to steer away from having a gimmicky personal statement, you have to find confidence in your strengths. State your good qualities honestly and clearly through stories or anecdotes that would make others see and appreciate who you truly are and how far you have come. Your personal experiences, thoughts, and inspirations tied up with your abilities and goals should already be impressive enough that you wouldn’t feel a need to come up with any gimmicky statement. Make sure that everything you put in is relevant and sensible, especially if there is a given topic. Ascertain also that nothing in your personal statement is plagiarized and that it comes out as uniquely you.

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